Personal thoughts on New iPhone

There’s been alot of speculation surrounding the rumored new iPhone that Apple is about to release.  Alot of people have speculated that the new phone will have a faster processor, 600 Mhz as opposed to 400 Mhz.  The thing that bothers me is that the iPhone already has a 600 Mhz processor that’s underclocked (presumably to extend battery life).  So, all the leaked info based on the chinese photograph that’s been leaked is based on the photograph showing a 600 Mhz processor on board.  It’s my guess that the chip is going be the the same chip, with the same underclocking to 400 Mhz.  Just a guess on my part, but I’m posting this because everywhere else on the net where you read rumors, they’re all reporting a faster processor.  Don’t get your hopes up on that.  Also, I’m going to guess that there’s not an FM tuner inside either.  Who needs it?  Between IHeartRadio and AOL radio and Pandora, why would Apple waste precious internal space and added cost to add something that we don’t really need?  If there was an FM tuner, would it be analog only(with digital tuning), or support HD (digital) radio as well?  For it to be worth it, it would have to support HD radio too, and I just don’t see that happening.