App Review: WordPress for iPhone

Being a blogger, it’s tough sometimes to keep up with a blog, or blogs.  I have two, one of which I’ve rarely been updating, and another, that I try to keep up with, but at times it falls by the wayside too.  So what do I do?  Start a third!  Yep, after getting my iPhone, I thought I’d share what tips and tricks I find, along with some application reviews.  Speaking of which let’s move on to WordPress for the iPhone by Automattic Inc.

Wordpress for iPhone

WordPress is great software.  It’s free, so anyone can afford it, it’s open source, so it’s easily modified to suit one’s needs, and it’s heavily supported by the blogging community.  With that said, it’s nice to find WordPress for iPhone.  It’s a small, concise application that let’s you maintain your blog (or blogs) on the go.  The interface is simple and straightforward.  You can add one or more blogs, input the login information and you’re ready to go.  Once you’ve added a blog, it appears on the main page as show above.  You tap the link to move to the second page, whre you have access to your posts, pages and comment sections.   Once you make a selection, the next page presents you with each entry where you can then edit your blog.  WordPress for iPhone works in both portrait and landscape modes, so you can acess the landscape keyboard, a must for blogging on the go.

Simple, straightforward, easy to use, and, like any good iPhone app, very  intuitive to use.  A definite must for any blogger.  WordPress for iPhone gives you the ability to blog anytime, anywhere.  So, the next time you’re stuck in line somewhere and have some time to kill, pull out WordPress for iPhone and blog away 🙂  I totally recommend WordPress for iPhone by Automattic Inc.

Review: 5 stars

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