App Review:VIN Hunter

Are you a car buff?  A dealer perhaps?   Or, maybe you’re just a smart consumer who likes to have as much information as possible when buying a used car.  If so, then VIN Hunter ( is for you.  Perform a vin look up on any car, any time, anywhere!  Even without an internet connection!

VIN Hunter main screen

VIN Hunter main screen

That’s right, vehicle information for any car model 1981 though today, at your finger tips.  Take a look at VIN Hunter’s features:

  • Works with the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch.
  • Decode over 150,000 vehicles from 1981 through 2010.
  • Local VIN decoding database means no need to be connected to the Internet to decode.
  • Provides information on each vehicle such as retail price, trim levels, transmission options, and drivetrain.
  • Integration shows a CARFAX® Record Check™ on all vehicles.
  • Purchase and view a CARFAX® VHR™ 1981 through 2010.
  • Assign a thumbnail and image to each vehicle. Use the iPhone’s built-in camera or the Photo Library.
  • Email your list of decoded vehicles to a person of your choice.
  • Add comments and notes to each vehicle.
  • Select from a list of trim levels that includes the model code for easy matching to dealer inventory.
  • See a list of web sites that offer additional information on your vehicle, including National Insurance Crime Bureau’s web site on flood damaged and stolen cars and trucks.
  • Custom VIN-specific keyboard locks out invalid characters when enter a VIN.


Dealerships and salesman, car enthusiasts, insurance adjusters, car auction buyers, valets and service techs now have a great tool, in hand.  Keep notes including photos, buy a Carfax report, even emailing obtained information.


VIN Hunter isn’t quite available yet, but will be soon.  I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneek peek as well as participate as a beta tester, so I can say first hand that it’s a really neat ‘must have’ app for people all over the automotive industry.


Even purchase a Carfax report from the industry leader in used car information reporting, as well as visit several other car reporting sites as well.  I believe VIN Hunter will become THE must have tool for anyone in the automotive industry.  No more jotting down VINs and running back to a computer to perform research on vehicles.  VIN Hunter will put that amazing power in the hands of iPhone and iPod touch users right out in the field, right now.  In today’s fast paced business environment, time is money, and VIN Hunter will save time, and put the convienence of vehicle history on any car (1981 and on) right in your pocket.  If you’re in the automotive industry, or are just a savvy car enthusiast, head over to to get the lastest information and further details on VIN Hunter.

This app definitely gets a 5 star rating for it’s amazing features, ease of use, and continual support (VINs will be periodically updated).

Rating: ***** 5 Stars