3.0 Update Installed

Well, after a 28 minute (230.1 MB) download, and about 13 minutes to install, my phone is rockin’ 3.0!  After initiating the update, iTunes downloaded the update faster than I had anticipated.  I figured with a large percentage of owners out there jumping on the update that it would be slower, but, overall, a fairly short download.  After that, iTunes prepped the iPhone for the update, then transfered it to the phone.  Once done, the phone verified the install and then proceded to update the firmware on the phone.  A quick reboot later, and I’m up and running 3.0, with no apparent problems.   I tested out cut and paste, and the new voice memo recorder, both of which work flawlessly.  Also, the new global search is quite accessable, and works great.  More to come as I test out more features….

Once again, Stay Tuned…

By John