Finally! 3.0 Released!!

Ok, I waited until midnight EST expecting the 3.0 release to come out, nope, no luck.  Well, PST is 3 hours away, so I waited until 3:00 am EST, (12 AM PST), again… nope, no luck again.  So, after waking up, I anxiously ran over to the computer, synced up the phone, and clicked the check for updates button expecting the update to be there.  Again, no such luck.  So, I started browsing the web for the latest iPhone updates, and it turns up the expectation is 1:00 pm EST (10 am PST), so, being only about 40 minutes away, I waited yet again for 1:00 pm.  Again… nothing!  So, every couple of minutes I’m clicking away at the check for updates button, and finally, at 1:15 pm EST, the 3.0 update (my first!) appeared, and I’m currently downloading it as I type.  The update is 250 MB in size, and, the download time is bouncing around the 35 – 40 minute mark.  A bit of a long time for a fairly small download considering my connection, but, not that bad considering the number of other iPhone users out there in the same boat as me hammering away at the update button.  I’ll be posting the results of the update ASAP in case anyone’s interested in how the installation goes.

Stay tuned….

By John