Review: Pocket Metaverse

Well, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and purchase the Pocket Metaverse app for the iPhone.  It’s available on iTunes for $2.99, and that’s a bit pricey as far as most iPhone apps go, but at 3 bucks, it’s not a huge loss if it turned out to be bunk.  Quite the opposite!  I found the app easy to use from start to finish, and packed with features from one end to the other.  The app performed flawlessly, and paints your typical iPhone feel onto your SL experience.  Instant messaging and chat performed awesome.  If you’re an iPhone user, it’s like a text message chat with the left/right bubble chat you get in SMS.  If you browse away from an IM while waiting on a reply, you get notified by the number of missed IMs in the IM box at the bottom, and while in Chat, there’s an overlay of the mini map in a circular area around where your avatar stands.  you can rotate and move your avatar as well!  When accessing the inventory, it loads as needed rather than downloading the whole 9 yards, so there’s just a slight pause when digging into folders while that portion of the inventory loads, so there’s no huge long wait to download the inventory, and accessing items was easy, and you can even call up the properties of the objects stored in inventory.  You can view profiles, pay out Linden dollars, teleport, offer friendship and more.   The search function mirrors SL with all, people, groups, land, etc.  You an even upload textures if you’re out and about and chatting with friends in SL, you can snap a picture with your camera, or select one from your camera roll and upload and share the photo with your friends.  Pretty much anything you could possibly want to do in SL while on the go is easily done with Pocket Metaverse, and if I were rating this app with iPhone’s 5 star system, this app easily gets 5 stars without a doubt.

The basic metrics I was looking for were stability, functionality, and ease of use.  Pocket Metaverse easily outmatched my expectations in every catagory.  If you’re serious about your Second Life, then Pocket Metaverse is definitely a MUST HAVE app for an iPhone owner.