Review: iPhone 4 “First Impressions”

Ok, well, if you follow my blog, you know I’m an iPhone fan and have owned a 3Gs for 15 months exactly, and 15 months and 1 day later, I bought an iPhone 4.  That day is today.   Buying a new gadget is always fun regardless of what you’re getting.  Either you’re getting what you really want, or, in many cases, what you think you want only to figure out later that you didn’t want what you got.  Not so today… I’ve been a fan of the iPhone since day one, and knew well what I was getting when I upgraded to the 4.  Even so, I must say it is, once again, even more impressive that I’d hoped for.  I’ve had a handful of conversations so far and they’ve all been perfect with no dropped calls, more on that later as time goes by and I get a better feel for the connection performance.  Bear in mind, I have to order the freebie bumper and I’m simply holding the phone ‘bare’ so to speak, but so far 4 calls, 0 drops.  The display is phenomenal.  Holding my 3G up to it displaying the same image (I restored the phone from my last 3G backup, so my setup walked entirely right over to the 4).  I went into the pictures and displayed side by side the same image with the same zoom and everything, and the thing that stands out is that the improvement in contrast.  Four to 1 over the 3G/3Gs and wow, can you see the difference.  I snapped a few pics at 5 mpx resolution and it’s wonderful.  You can zoom in yet maintain a good resolution.

I put the A4 to the test with an app called Silent Film, which takes a video and processes it with various effects like 1920’s film, or 1960’s super 8 filters (see video below), and when  I downloaded Silent Film, I’d done so on the 3G, and processing was a bear.  A short clip would take forever to render, whereas a clip much longer processed in about 3 to 15 minutes depending on the video resolution and effect applied.  The videos depicted below were made with Silent Film on an iPhone 4, as well as shot on the iPhone 4 as well.  I plan to get iMovie and my vacation vids will never look the same!  Not only is the video screen obviously more resolute and higher contrast, but the actual display is closer to the glass than the previous iPhone models and it serves to bring you even closer to the image, almost as if you could really touch the image.  The A4 shows it’s might while running multiple apps.  Changing from app to app was virtually immediate to get used to, and the phone jumps from app to app like nothin’, and scrolling web pages or lists of data is SO much smoother and stutter free compared to the 3G I’m graduating from.  The compass is a bit prone to interference, but from what I’ve read about it, it’s to be expected since it’s an electronic device trying to read minute changes in magnetic fields in a pool of magnetic fields.  Overall though, a magical wave of a figure 8 pattern, or in the case of google maps, another tap on the geo-locate button kicks the compass feature into gear, which btw, is a cool addition to google maps having the map always pointed the correct way without having to rotate the phone manually.  I know this is old hat from the 3Gs, but remember, I’m moving from a 3G to a 4.   The phone is improved in every way from the camera to the build quality to the extra bells and whitles.  As an fan of iPhones, I don’t want to give it a rating as such since it wouldn’t much mean a whole lot since I’m such an advocate of the device, but what it comes down to for me is “was it worth it” to upgrade from the 3G, which is a great phone in and of itself, to the 4, and the answer is wholeheartedly yes.

The 20’s look rendered on an iPhone 4 using Silent Film.

If you’ll excuse me now, I’m off to to sign up for my freebie bumper thanks to all you folks out there that made a big stink over nothing enabling me to get a free bumper, adding that much more value to my purchase 😉

Some of the other features of the phone are a bit more subtle, like the noise cancellation mic and the