RIM Shots

Ok, I can sort of see how RIM might get a little pissy over Apple using a bold to demonstrate the smartphone signal issue, but honestly, do they actually think they have any room to talk?  I happen to work for a major carrier in a call center PDA/Smartphone technical troubleshooting capacity, and a HUGE number of calls I get are from BB owners bitching that their $50 Nokia or Samsung had better reception than their $450 Blackberry Bold 9700 (or Curve, or whatever).  As an employee of the major carrier, it’s my job to promote both our service and RIMs device, yet I’m dumbfounded (or was at least) as to why Blackberries seem to have such poor reception.   Now that “Antennagate” has brought reception issues to the forefront, I now know why… The same reason the iPhone 4 can have reception issues.  It’s how the phone is being held.  It all makes sense now.  The calls I get are from the same users who get exchange after exchange and have signal quality issues over and over.  Now, granted, the vast majority of both Blackberry owners as well as iPhone (2g,3g,3gs and 4 owners), don’t have any reception issues at all, there’s always that small crowd, and it’s the same people over and over and over who are having reception issues, and it must be how they’re holding the device.  Why can’t RIM help themselves by simply admitting the truth of the matter rather than try to throw Apple under the bus saying that it’s their own issue and it’s not right to drag RIM into the mix.  Why?  Well, try it for yourself like I did.  Right after seeing the demonstration on Apple’s site showing how a certain grip can affect the signal quality I grabbed my phone and tried it, and low and behold, it does affect the signal that the phone is receiving.  RIM looks especially stupid because a fair number of people I speak to who own Blackberries have reception issues too.  Now I’m not saying Blackberries are junk… far from it.  They offer a well made device that performs well for the business community that’s difficult to beat with the Blackberry Network, Enterprise email, PIN messaging and super fast, super secure push content through a well made device with an extensive and very stable OS.  Now, if an Apple fanboy can admit all that about RIM’s phones, why can’t RIM simply say, “yah know.. Apple’s right, we’ve known that for a long time and work to resolve that issue with each new device we make” which is probably the case.  Instead, they sling mud and look stupid, all while developing a REAL touch screen interface that, oh, by the way, happens to have a hip video with a very iPhone-esque feel to it with it’s snappy tune and flashy floating demo screens.  Gee RIM if you were copying Apple any more with that advertisement you’d have an Apple logo on it.  Puh-leese.  Thought I was in the Apple Store there for a minute.  Anyway, RIM should keep their mouth shut right about now because I can tell from first hand experience that one of the biggest problems with Blackberries is reception.  That, and there’s 2 Blackberry owner types, business, and ghetto.  Business people use them for the obvious advantages I mentioned earlier, and ghetto people use them with no data plan and a prepaid account because they make a good texting phone because of the physical keyboard and the ‘I look cool’ factor because my phone has more buttons than my whole family has teeth…. Or so they think, now-a-days, the big touch screen smartphone is actually the cool factor  phone to have.  A fair number of BB owners are in that “I gotta have a physical keyboard because I send 150 text messages a day” crowd and can’t quite squeak that many texts messages in while trying to become proficient with a touch screen.  These retards haven’t figured out yet that A) They’re too stupid to own a Blackberry, and B) There’s a whole slew of new messaging phones out there that are more than sufficient for the typical “all I do is text and facebook/twitter” crowd.  But no… instead, they have to have the most complex smartphone on the market just to look cool, and oh, yeah, so they can call tech support because they can’t figure out how to configure email or yell at the representative that they shouldn’t have to own a computer to own a phone.  Business folks are no picnic either because they want it fixed 15 minutes before they called and loose all patience with the representative after about 15 seconds.