BlindType Redefines Virtual Typing

While I’ve never really had a problem with using a touch screen keyboard over a physical one, many I’ve spoken with whine about how they “have to have” a physical keyboard.  I suppose it’s because I’ve never used a full blown qwerty “thumb board” because I went from T9 tapping on a Razr to an iPhone.  I suppose though, that learning how to type effectively on a piece of glass does present a bit of a challenge, one many people refuse to get over.  Now granted, in some cases, physical needs might dictate one style over another, but for the most part, with a bit of effort, either system can be mastered.  The one advantage of a virtual keyboard over a physical one is, well, the fact that it’s virtual.  For the most part, virtual keyboards are well made, and have slowly improved over time.  Well… here comes BlindType.  BlindType has come along and raised the bar so high that I believe it will take over the world.  On deck for iPhone and Android, It’s the most amazing keyboard I’ve ever seen.  BlindType throws away the rule book and redefines what a keyboard should be.  In the meat space, keyboards are rigid, fixed sized devices that you attack from a specific angle, and use with a specific set of somewhat unnatural motions.  When virtual keyboards came along, they did little more than mimic the real keyboard in so much as it’s orientation and fixed size.  BlindType says “why?” , and conforms to your angle of attack and your idea of how big the keyboard is.  BlindType is SO good, you DON’T EVEN NEED the keyboard.  Basically, if you can type on a qwerty keyboard, you can use BlindType, no table tennis moves to learn like swype.  No size limitations even word for word.  Large or small or in between, angled left, right, upside down or even no keyboard at all, BlindType conforms to your needs like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I haven’t even tried it yet and I’m just sold on the whole concept.  Despite it’s amazing ability to conform to your desires, be they as it may, and can even change from word to word, BlindType is the most forgiving self correction system I’ve ever seen.  Just check out the video below… comments welcome.

By John