At AT&T Cash Isn’t King… It’s The Court Jester

Oh, I don’t know… maybe I’m just getting too old, but when I was growing up, Cash was King, money talked and sucker’s walked, and it was the preferred method of payment over checks (which could bounce) and credit cards, (because merchants pay a fee for their usage), leaving cash as the preferred method over anything else.  Besides all that, cash allows those less inclined to pay taxes to get away without declaring the income.  Therefore, in every way, cash has always been preferred.  Not so at AT&T.  I walked into an AT&T store yesterday to buy an iPhone 4.  Now, I know they don’t have them in stock, and I know that I would have to wait for one to be ordered and then ultimately delivered before I would get it, but that is ok with me because my intention was to go in and pay fully for the unit, re-sign with AT&T for 2 more years, and, ultimately once they delivered the unit, then I would be paid in full, and have an iPhone 4.  Nope, no cash accepted.  You have to use a credit card only, not even debit cards are accepted.  It must be by credit card only.  I inquired as to why, and was simply told that’s just how the powers that be are about it.  I did get a round about explanation about how if I were to pay cash and ultimately cancel the order, then I’d have to wait 6 weeks for a refund check to get repaid.  So what, I have no intention of canceling, and don’t care if I had to agree to such terms because I want to buy the phone, not order, and then cancel.  Oh well, sorry about your luck… I was told that once they have them in stock at the store, then I could pay cash, but until then, there was nothing I could do unless I paid by credit card.

Personally, I don’t believe in credit cards (gasps now…), and I do not have, nor ever will have, a credit card.  I don’t like credit card companies because they start you off with a couple of hundred dollars in credit, and eventually nurse you up to 4 or 5 grand, and then drill you with the default rate (of which there’s 100 ways to be put on it), and now you’re paying 30 percent on 5G’s, and now you’re fighting to just keep up with the minimum payments, are always broke, and have no way out.  I simply decided not to play the game, and never have had, nor ever will have a credit card.

So, what are my choices… get a credit card, ‘borrow’ one from a friend by paying them, and having them make the purchase via their credit card (something I actually considered), or, travel an extra 20 miles out of my way to get to an Apple Store, where, by the way, they accept cash (sort of).  You actually have to purchase an Apple Gift Card, and purchase the phone with that.  Oh well, who cares, at least I have an option where I can buy the phone with cash.

I called the Apple store and was put on a list, and when the phone arrives in approximately 3 weeks, they’ll email me, and I’ll have 24 hours to get down there to pick it up.  Which reminds me… gotta go check my email 🙂

By John