The Signal Is Getting Stronger

Not the cell signal unfortunately.  Take a look at this video.  Further proof that there’s no real antenna issue with the iPhone 4, but rather with smartphones in general.  I’m starting to think that the media… along with all the other manufacturers are trying to take Apple down.  What’s becoming clear is that either all these cell phones, and by all I mean the ones the manufacturers want to sell… not the ones they’ve already sold, all have the same problem that the iPhone 4 does, or, the more realistic viewpoint is that the iPhone 4 doesn’t have any more or less signal issues than any other phone out on the market.  What’s clear is that either way you look at it, it’s good for Apple or bad for the rest of the industry.  Either there’s something wrong with all the new phones coming out, or, there’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 4.  Considering the vast majority of iPhone 4 users out there are not experiencing any issues, I’ll go with the latter… and yes, there’s nothing wrong with the antennas on the other phones out there including the Droid X pictured here in the video.