The Long Wait is Over!

Well, last August I predicted T-Mobile to get the iPhone before Verizon, as it seemed logical to me that Apple would release the iPhone on another GSM network before spending the money developing a CMDA version of the iPhone.  However, be that as it may, it appears that the long wait is over, and Big Red is set to announce the iPhone for Verizon tomorrow at it’s “Event” in the Big Apple.  As a contracted AT&T customer, I’m still contractually obligated to AT&T unless I want to part with a huge ETF not to mention the cost of buying a new CMDA version to move over to Verizon.  However, I really don’t have any desire to leave AT&T anyway.  Where I’m at, I get great voice service, great 3G coverage (all the time, my phone has NEVER connected to edge), and I’m pretty satisfied with AT&T as a provider overall.  Not only that, I already own my GSM iPhone 4 with HSPA+ 7.2, and I regularly hit 5 to 6 Mbps when I test with SpeedTest.  On top of that, GSM is the superior technology, and I can use both data and voice at the same time, (which cannot be done on Verizon’s CDMA network), and speaking of data, I’m still retaining my grandfathered “unlimited” data plan.  So, at the end of the day, I’m going to be sticking with AT&T.

What it does mean is that there’s nearly 100 million new potential iPhone users out there, and that’s just good news to iPhone fans like myself.  A large percentage of Verizon customers polled who were looking to buy a smart phone were interested in getting an iPhone, and after tomorrow’s announcement, they’ll have a short wait (probably sometime next month) before actually having the choice to choose an iPhone over the mountain of Android and Blackberry devices Verizon currently carries.  Given the choice, a large number of those users will likely choose the iPhone because it’s such an easy device to get used to, and while many are predicting problems for AT&T, I don’t think AT&T will suffer as much as Android will, and well, Blackberry… this could just about finish them off.