iPhone 4s: Clearing Up The Myths & Misconceptions

Ok, just a few things bugging me as of late, especially after it all culminated in the less than ‘magical’ release of the latest iPhone.  The phone is selling like mad, preorders lasted like, a day… people will line up around the block starting today, and you’ll probably have to wait to get a unit, a least a few days for at least a month or so.  So, all this “disappointment” surrounding the new iPhone 4s doesn’t seem to stop people from buying.  I mean, c’mon, this is the first official launch of any iPhone on more than one carrier at the same time, and with Sprint on board, it’s a free for all with the 3 biggest carriers all (finally!) selling the device.  While I’ve had no problems with AT&T, alot of other people seem to, and were more than willing to wait to own the phone of their dreams…. after it arrived on “their” network.  I was actually a long time (5 1/2 year) customer of T-Mobile, and went to AT&T specifically to get an iPhone (a 3G for that matter), because AT&T was the only game in town at the time, and now, 30 months later, and 30 months an iPhone user, everyone except the poor T-Mo folks can buy an iPhone from “their” carrier.  So, by virtue of the fact that 3 carriers are chucking out iPhones as fast as they can offload the trucks, of course record numbers are going out.  With that said… let’s dispel some of the myths & misconceptions about the iPhone that have seem to worked it’s way into the iPhone collective.

4s or 5?

This seems to be tied to the fact that alot of the cell phone bloggers.. the so called ‘experts’ kept predicting that Apple is going to release more than 1 phone at a time.  No… not going to happen.  Why?  Because, for starters, Apple put’s 110% of their effort into producing 1 handset, let alone 2.  Just look… a relatively soft release of the iPhone 4s caused Apple to run out of pre-order  handsets in less than a day, and it’s going to be a month or two before you can just waltz into an Apple Store or carrier and buy one without have to A)Wait, and B)Climb over a forest of human beings all out complete the same task you are.  Apple can’t even make enough of one handset, there’s just not enough days in a year.. even when you add 4 months to that year as was the case this year.  Also, history is a fairly good indicator of what will happen in the future, and looking at the past, it seems to me that ‘last years model’ is what becomes that secondary (or tertiary) handset as is the case this year with AT&T still offering the 3Gs 8GB model for free, the 8GB 4 for $99 and the latest model at $199.  I think this will be the model of the future if Apple can continue to come up with new shit to stuff in the phone that will continue to entice users to upgrade year after year.  It makes alot of sense because last year’s model is already developed and mass produced, so it’s easier than developing a lesser handset.  As long as next years handset makes this years handset lesser, you’ve got those cost effective lower end handsets already at hand.  And just think about it… for the first time a new, out of the box, iPhone is being offered for free with a 2 year contract.  How much more cost effective can you get… because it’s not what you pay, it’s what you think you pay.  In other words, there’s always those folks who won’t buy a phone unless it’s free (with a contract).  So, for even those folks, they can be hawkin’ an iPhone now.  I think this has alot to do with the fact that there’s always alot of speculation out there as to what the next model year will be, and when 2 of them got tossed around alot this year, along with the ‘expert’ predictions of a multi-handset release made folks think the 4s would be an update to the 4, and the 5 would be some radical new un-thought -of handset.  The reality is that the (one) handset would have likely been named 4s or 5.  Two names… two maybes… not too handsets.

A Minor Update:

Really?  Is it a requirement that Apple come out with a radical new rethink of the physical form of the device before you call it a major new upgrade?  Realistically, the iPhone 4 design is still fairly new, including the new antenna system and all glass back.  Those were radical rethinks, and that sort of major jumps just don’t happen often.  Besides, when you examine the inward changes, there’s alot to be impressed by.  The A5 is a powerful processor, and even with the pedal not quite to the metal (~800 mhz), it’s faster than the 4, not to mention dual core.  This means that a stock 4 up against a stock 4s isn’t going show blazing improvements, but when 4s specific stuff comes along… stuff that doesn’t even run on the 4.. the 4s will really show it’s improvements off.  Also, Apple, with it’s usual ‘at least some’ battery improvement, and phenomenal Siri implementation, and most certainly the improvement of the camera… how is this not a major upgrade?  If they shaped it like a boomerang, would you all have gone ooooohhhh, and hailed it as “the 5”???

Overall, I’m fairly impressed with this year’s update, but maybe because I’m a fan, and would have (tried) to make excuses if they wrapped a piece of dog shit soaked in piss and called it iPhone 5, or maybe it was because it wasn’t Steve out there presenting it in his unique way… something we’ll all certainly miss.