Steve Jobs Was Right, Adobe Finally Admits It

Too bad Steve didn’t make it another month and change as Adobe pulls the plug on Flash development for mobile devices.  Apparently the very things that Steve Jobs pointed out a year and a half ago proved to be insurmountable or at the very least, not particularly profitable to continue to try to solve.  Jobs pointed out six major areas why Flash wasn’t ever permitted on the iPhone, and in the process, proved to the world that no one (but Android Fanboys) really gives a shit .  Realistically, the vast majority of smartphone owners are people who don’t own a computer… the “my phone is my computer” crowd, or people who are tech savvy, but don’t see this as a huge importance or even more so, a “huge missing piece” that Adobe liked to paint out The Web to be sans Flash.

Not that Flash isn’t a big part of the web, but much of what flash does seems to be done better with HTML 5, and HTML 5 is open where flash is not.  Sadly Steve Jobs didn’t live to see the day Adobe showed Flash the door, but I have a feeling that the low spirits at Apple since Steve’s death got a lift today reading the story… and doing so while gazing at a font that was developed by Steve Jobs.