What Android Users Fail To Consider

There’s a certain crowd of Android users that talk smack about Apple saying that “iPhone users are stupid, and don’t know certain things about smartphones”, essentially saying they’re not savvy about the technology, or that they are “sheeple” who buy into Apple’s marketing campaign.

Neither is really true.  For starters, yes Apple does have a pretty effective marketing campaign with it’s signature style in it’s advertising, but Apple doesn’t really advertise that much.  It’s not like the Apple Blimp is hovering over Indianapolis Speedway peering down on the Apple Indy car with Apple billboards every two miles on the highway, etc, etc.  They actually don’t really need to advertise that much because word of mouth is pretty effective when the product is well liked.  When a product is good, it sells itself, and the iPhone, probably more than any other singular product in this country, sells itself, and is a household word.  So buying into strong marketing can’t be true, there just isn’t that much.

Secondly, I’m not stupid.

I work in the industry and have intimate knowledge about Windows, RIM, Android, and Symbian mobile operating systems, and I’ve owned an iPhone for 2 1/2 years, so I think I have a pretty fair idea of the capabilities as well as usability of the various handsets that run these operating systems.

What Android users fail to consider is satisfaction.  Even if iPhone owners weren’t smartphone savvy, and even if Apple did more aggressively market the iPhone, then how can one explain a 96% satisfaction rate?

Changewave recently surveyed iPhone users, and 77 percent responded “very satisfied” while 19 percent responded “somewhat satisfied” and 1 percent each responded “somewhat unsatisfied” or “very unsatisfied”.

Obviously, such a phenomenal satisfaction rate is reflective of the product.

Also, Android users flooded the net with jibes about how much of a wet fart disappointment the iPhone 4s was… really?  That 96% satisfaction rate is up 3 percent over last year’s iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4s has sold in record numbers (4 million it’s first week, more than double the previous best).

At the end of the day, Android users (at least the iPhone hater sect) seem to only be convincing each other that the iPhone sucks, because no one else seems to be listening.