Enough with the “iPhone Killer” Bullshit Already

The first “iPhone Killer” on the market that I saw was the Blackberry Storm….. yeah, right. Anyone, who for one minute, thought that phone was an iPhone killer had to have been completely retarded. A friend bought one, so I had the opportunity to play with it, and it seemed to me to be a big, clunky, low resolution, low powered piece of shit with a hastily cobbled together touch interface clamped securely to the pre-existing BB OS (whatever version was out then… 4 point somethin’ or another, or 5, or whatever). Either way, it was obvious to me that it was nowhere near being an iPhone killer, and since then, just about every over hyped piece of shit phone that comes down the pike is labeled with the “Is this the iPhone killer we’ve been waiting for?” Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the completely “unknown and as of yet to be seen” Amazon handset are both being held up as contenders for the elusive iPhone Killer.

So what is an iPhone killer? An iPhone killer is phone that’s capable of outselling the iPhone, and driving Apple iPhone sales down so low that Apple considers throwing in the towel, and getting out of the “difficult” mobile phone market.

Below is a comprehensive list of every phone out there ever released that effectively killed the iPhone:



Ok, so as you can see… such a phone doesn’t exist. So that begs the question, why does the phrase exist when the phone itself does not? Since when do we invent words for something that doesn’t even exist? It’s extremely doubtful that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be an iPhone killer as Samsung, the blogging community, and the media at large seem to think bigger screens and faster processors is what sell phones, so that’s what they give them, yet, the iPhone continues to reign supreme. Amazon thinks they have it licked, and, although it remains to be seen, what is known is that they’re going to be running an older version of Android to lock out the Play Store, and given Amazon’s direction with the Kindle Fire, they’re going to come out with a mid range Android handset running an outdated version of Android. How would any handset like that even begin to consider itself an iPhone killer.

So why then does the iPhone kill every thing else that comes down the pike? The answer is quite simple, and it’s been said many many times openly by Steve Jobs. They’re not out to beat some other company, they’re out there to make the best phone that they can, and don’t pay attention to what others are doing. And let’s look at what the competition does… (all of them). They make phones with bigger displays and faster processors than the iPhone, and think that will kill the iPhone because they think that’s what people want. Amazingly, even when Apple shows what people do want, (their sales say so), they choose to ignore that and move ahead with the next bigger screened / faster processor’d phone despite the public’s obvious choice that says those things are nice and all, but not necessarily something that’s going to affect my choice.

So, until a phone comes along that’s trying to be a great phone, what people want, and not out on a head hunter mission to kill of the iPhone, and actually offers what the iPhone offers and more, and actually outsells the iPhone, and actually affects iPhone sales…. then ENOUGH WITH THE “IPHONE KILLER” BULLSHIT ALREADY.