Microsoft Raises The Bar

Well, with Windows 8 and all it’s newbie goofiness, Microsoft has decided to throw down the gauntlet and introduce the Surface Pro.  At $1000 bucks, it’s not exactly “competition” for the iPad, but it’s the first tablet out there that has an intel i5 processor inside.  Finally, a desktop class processor going into a tablet.  I think this raises the bar for tablets (not to mention price).  Even big dog Apple doesn’t have a iPad that can compete with that sort of computing power.  Now, if Microsoft can figure out a way to halve the price then perhaps they’ll have something more than a neat oddity, they’ll have competition… for the first time… for the iPad.

As nice as the Surface Pro is, I think they said screw the price point and just went for broke. What they need to do now is to figure out a way to make what they have, and price in the neighborhood of an iPad.  If they can do that, then they’ll have something that will be more than a foot note.

By John