Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 2

index_weather_posterframe_2x  Fifteen days after Apple released the first beta to iOS 7, they’ve released the first of (probably many) beta updates to iOS 7.  The installer states the it contains bug fixes and improvements. A short visual inspection shows the return of the Voice Memos app and the male / female choice for Siri’s voice.

If you’d like to install the beta so you can try out iOS 7 3 months early, you can.  Typically, only licensed developers can install the beta software, but for whatever reason, anyone can.  No jailbreak is required, no licensing or registration of the UDID is needed.  If you’ve already installed iOS 7 per my previous post, you can upgrade to iOS  7 Beta 2 by simply going into Settings… General… Software update and choose to upgrade from iOS 7 Beta to iOS 7 Beta 2.

If you haven’t installed the beta yet, it’s a fairly simple process.

IMPORTANT: THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE, IT’S PRONE TO GLITCHES AND REBOOTS, AND IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  IF YOU RELY HEAVILY ON YOUR PHONE WORKING PERFECT, YOU MAY NOT WANT TO PERFORM THIS UPGRADE.  That said, Beta 1 was quite glitchy and rebooted alot (probably 6-10 times per day), hopefully, and most likely, this update will stabilize the OS more, and not be so glitchy.  Also, beta software is in flux, so some things are likely to change before the official iOS 7 is released mid-September.

1. Go to Settings, General, Software Update and make sure the phone is updated to the latest update the phone will take “naturally”.

2. Make sure you’re running the latest version of iTunes (Help… Check for updates).

3. Go to and download the beta 2 software.  It’s important you get the file that matches your device.  AT&T/T-Mobile users need the GSM version, Sprint/Verizon users need the CDMA version.  Other than that, get the copy for your phone model (4, 4s or 5).  Save the download to your desktop.

4. Plug in the phone and open iTunes and let the phone back up.

5. Select the phone in the Sidebar (if sidebar is missing hit <control> + S).

6. Hold shift, and click the “Check For Updates” button.  An “Open” dialog window will appear, and you can then navigate to your desktop and select the .ipsw file you downloaded from  iTunes will state that this action will update your phone to iOS 7 Beta 2, select “Update”.

7. You’re done.  iTunes will extract, verify and copy the update to the phone, and the the phone will reboot and install the update.  Once done, the phone will reboot again, and you’re done.

I just now upgraded to beta 2, so I haven’t much time to work with it to see how much improvement there is to the stability, but I have a feeling it’ll be quite a bit more stable than beta 1.  Time will tell, but by the time I get that figured out, beta 3 will likely be out (2-3 weeks probably), and I’ll be upgrading to that when it’s available.

Comments / Feedback more than welcome 🙂