Movie Review: Jobs

I’m not a movie reviewer, but I thought I’d take a stab at reviewing the movie that tells the story of Apple and Steve Jobs.  The movie starts by showing Steve at the event where the first iPod was shown, and then flashes back to 1974 and goes forward from there.  I’ve noticed that alot of people give Ashton Kutcher a bad rap because of his goofy portrayal of Kelso on That 70’s show.  I haven’t really followed everything he’s done, but I liked Butterfly Effect, and thought that showed he has more acting chops than most people give him credit for.  In any case, he has a very natural resemblance to Jobs when Jobs was about Kutcher’s age, and Kutcher did a great job hammering down Jobs’ bouncy gate, as well as his other mannerisms to a T.  As far as accuracy goes, according to Steve Wozniak, the movie wasn’t particularly accurate as to how things happened, and since I didn’t live it, I’ve got to believe the Woz knows what he’s talking about, because he did live it.  Personally, I was disappointed that there was absolutely no mention of Pixar or Disney, and they spent literally all of about 5 seconds on NEXT to pin the time he left to the time he returned in ’96 as a consultant when Apple was looking to buy NEXT, and his ultimate return as CEO.

Overly, it was an interesting movie, and overall, I think it did a good job of illustrating what Steve Jobs was all about.  Sure, Jobs had his failings with his well documented treatment of other people, but at the end of the day, he despised mediocrity.  He didn’t see things from a standard corporate model of idea->budget->due date->production, but one who would rather spend an extra year, or two, or 10 if necessary to develop a product that wasn’t the status quo, but nothing short of bar raising.

The movie overall was pretty good, and I’d recommend seeing it, fan or not, it’s an interesting story that delves deep into the structure of corporate America, and shows an interesting look into the life of a man who truly did change the World, and in more ways than we know even now.  Another good reason to see the movie is the music.  As someone who grew up in the 70’s, it’s an interesting flashback, especially since they paid alot of attention to detail in that respect.