Apple’s Bold Move… A 64 Bit A7 In The New iPhone 5S

Well, it’s all over, and wow… has Apple really come through this time.  First, the iPhone 5c.  In a nutshell, it’s an iPhone 5 in a redesigned case.  The case, which is plastic is anything but cheap.  It’s one solid piece of plastic that goes through several processes to produce a solid, yet cheaper casing.  Other than the new case, it specs out essentially an iPhone 5… A6 processor, retina display, same 8 mega pixel iSight camera.

The 5s.  Apple pulled out all the stops on this one, starting with a new A7, 64 bit processor, a new “M7” motion processor that continuously monitors all the sensors enabling all sorts of new health and activity applications.  The camera, which appears to be the same 8 mega pixel camera now supports 720p 120fps slow motion.  You can film a scene, then choose the start and stop locations of what parts you want done in slow motion.  There’s also a “burst mode”, hold the camera shutter button down for 10 fps snaps for as long as you hold the button, then, iOS 7 shows you the best pic (or you can choose which ones you wish to keep).  On to Touch ID…. the home button gets a major make over with the iPhone’s new touch sensor built into the home button.  A convex sapphire crystal focuses your fingerprint on the sensor that allows you to enter your phone, or authorize an iTunes purchase with the tap of a finger.  Also, there’s a gold ring around the iPhone, so you don’t actually depress the button, the gold ring senses your touch.  In the area of privacy, no other apps can access the sensor, and sensor data is only stored on the device, not in the cloud.

If that wasn’t enough, Apple’s iWork suite of Pages, Numbers and Keynote along with iLife apps iPhoto and iMovie are now free on all iOS devices !!!

Overall, a great leap forward for Apple.  Of all the great new features announced today, the 64 bit A7 processor is by far the biggest deal.  2x CPU and GPU performance… on a phone that already outdoes every other phone on the market.  This new processor is 56 time faster than the original iPhone.  Me personally… I can’t wait to run a benchmark app on it 😉

Pricing is set as such, all prices reflect the cost when coupled with a 2 year carrier contract:

iPhone 4s (8GB)  Free

iPhone 5c (16GB) $99, (32GB) $199

iPhone 5S (16GB) $199, (32GB) $299, (64GB) #399

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