iPhone Flies While Blackberry Dies

Well, Apple has announced that they sold 9 million iPhones over the opening weekend, and, being a “numbers” kind of guy, I had to do the math.  The 5c retails for $549, and the 5s retails for $649, and with the sales between the two split fairly down the middle, the median price per phone works out to $600 per phone.  Sure, alot of carriers subsidize the phones to cut the price down to more manageable levels, in the end, between the carrier and the customer, Apple gets their price.  So, simply math tells us that $600 x 9 million units = $5.4 billion dollars in sales over a 3 day weekend.  That works out to roughly…

3 million phones per day 

125,000 phones per hour

2083 phones per minute

34 phones per second

Dollar-wise, it works out to

$5.4 billion dollars in 3 days

$1.8 billion dollars per day

$75 million dollars per hour

$1.25 million dollars per minute

$20,833 dollars per second !!!

That’s excluding sales of Apple’s other products such as iPods, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, The Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini, and various accessories that go along with those products as well as iPhone accessories.

Meanwhile…. over in blogger-idiot land, the bloggers who are continuously tolling the bell, saying Apple has lost their way, are washed up, and are old news are strangely quite right about now since Apple (yet again) has posted record sales, and Apple (yet again) faces the only problem they’ve ever had selling phones, and that’s making enough of them.  The biggest sales killer Apple ever faces is their ability to make enough phones to meet the demand.  Also, over in blogger-idiot land, when they’re not predicting the demise of Apple, they’re touting Samsung as the iPhone killer.  Really?  It took Samsung ~60 days to sell ~20 million phones (or so they say… I think Samsung is quoting shipped phones vs actual sales, but none the less…).  Conversely, Apple sold about 1/2 that amount over a 3 day weekend, and probably would have sold more if the shelves weren’t empty.  So, despite the fact that Samsung owns the Android Market, and does move alot of phones, and even has  a good product, clearly Apple is still by and far the biggest dog on the block… in the past, now, and in the foreseeable future.

Ironically, and fittingly, the same day Apple announced record opening weekend sales of the 7th generation of their iconic phone… Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion, or just RIM), has pretty much officially thrown in the towel by announcing nearly a billion dollar in losses, 40 percent lay offs, and finally, a sale of the company to a private holding company for 4.7 billion dollars.  Heck, Apple made more money this weekend than Blackberry went for!   At least for Blackberry investors there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and they’ll be able to jump ship without completely loosing the farm.  What’s interesting about the whole mess is that the new Blackberry phones are quite nice, and competitive even with Android and iOS devices in terms of features, functionality, and more, yet Blackberry can’t give away the phone… Why?  Well, for starters, they should have been releasing this phone, or something much closer to that, back in 2008 or 2009.  Instead, they waited until mid 2012, then said, “Oh, it’s gonna be another year”.  Finally, 1500 days late, Blackberry comes up a billion dollars short.  For some reason, this seemed to surprise investors who promptly started bitching at the company who promised this would be their turn around.  For some reason… ‘lill old me with my dinky little blog blogged over a year ago how stupid HP was to buy Palm, and how stupid Blackberry (RIM at the time) is thinking that releasing a 4 year late phone a year late would somehow turn around the industry they once owned virtually hands down.  How sad…  Perhaps I should rename my blog “Smartphone Consulting Agency”.  I knew 2 years ago Blackberry was done, and, if they would have listened to me 2 years ago, their best bet would have been to ditch their in house OS, go Android, and stop making phones with keyboards.  At least then they might have had a chance to hold 2nd place as Samsung does now.

I wonder what Steve Jobs, had he lived, would think of the current situation.  It would have been nice for him to witness yet another record weekend, and the fall of another competitor.

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