Nausea and iOS 7

Ok, ever since iOS 7 came out of beta, there’s been a handful of articles here and there talking about how iOS 7 is causing people to loose their lunch due to the animations you see when launching/leaving an application.  If you compare pre iOS 7 animations to iOS 7 animations, they’re quite similar.  They’re more or less identical with the exception that iOS 7 zooms to the icon pressed rather than zooming into the center of the screen, and exiting an application is the same as entering… just reversed.

So I’m thinkin’ …

What kind of piece of shit, panzy ass motherfucker is going to get nauseous watching a 1 second animation on a 4 inch screen?  Really?   Really?

Even if I believed that people are actually becoming sick using iOS 7, which I don’t by the way, what dumb ass would actually blog about it to the world to admit to the world that they’re such a pussy that a 1 second animation would make them sick?

Here’s my take… Android loving/iPhone hating people out there blog about whatever they can possibly come up with about the iPhone that’s negative.   Since most of the iPhone is a pleasure to use for most of the users, finding something truly wrong must be so hard to come by that they’re resorting to pushing something made up in an attempt to bad mouth the iPhone out of existence, yet, the iPhone continues to out pace any other handset on the market hands down.

Android fans should simply stick to their choice of phones, and leave iPhone owners alone.   I don’t give a shit that you like an inferior experience on your mobile device, why should you give shit that I like the best.