Lighten Up Woz

Woz… my man.. you know I love ya, but you really should lighten up a bit on Apple.  Honestly, most people buy the lowest end iPad / iPhone when it comes to memory, not because they can’t use the space… but because more flash memory is expensive.  Sure, you’re pretty well to do (and rightfully so due to your contribution to computing), so price isn’t a concern for you, but for many, it’s tough to justify the extra expense.   Apple knows this, so it limits justifying producing units that won’t sell.  I think the solution to your problem is close at hand though.  I’m sure that the powers that be at Apple have the same amount of respect for you that the rest of us do, and I think if you asked, they’d be more than happy to produce a 1 off, “Woz” Edition iPad Air with 256GB or even 512GB of onboard storage for your TBBT episodes (admit it… the episode you appeared in is your favorite one…right !).

Personally, I can’t even afford the lowest end iPad Air, but I think that the new device is considerably thinner, faster and lighter is a great improvement over the last generation iPad, so lighten up man… and pull some strings in Cupertino and get the boys to make a 1 off iPad Woz!


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