September 10th Date Official For Apple’s Next Event

Well, it’s official, Apple sent out the the invites, and, although it’s not really news, it’s certainly official now that Tuesday, September 10th will be the date of the next Apple event.  Although Apple never says anything about the event other than it’s existence, it’s obviously time for an iPhone refresh.  The questions that remain are will there be one iPhone or two?  Will the new phone have a fingerprint scanner??? Be available in gold???  Will it have a beefier camera?? A dual flash???   Will Apple announce the iWatch??  Many questions remain although much of what’s been speculated is almost a given like the fingerprint sensor, the gold iPhone, and the budget priced iPhone 5c are virtually in the bag already.  However, we won’t truly know for sure until the event goes down.

The best way to watch the event is live… so if you want to watch it live, you’ll need an Apple device… an iMac, iPad, iPhone, etc… to view it live.  You cannot go to with a PC and watch it live.  Apple will post it for the rest of the non-Apple world later in the evening or the next day.  For me, the only Apple device I own is my iPhone 5, so I’ll be tuned it with my phone in it’s stand watching the event on my iPhone.  I’ll be taking notes so that after the event I can make a post describing all the new information about any new products released.

Five days and counting… (can’t wait!!)