Full Disclosure: iPhone 4

Ok, I’m a man of my word.  As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of the iPhone, but at the same time, I said I would be unbiased in my reporting to you because as much of a fan I am, I’m not going to make the site a “worship site”.  So, here goes.  I’ve had my iPhone 4 for 8 days now, and one of the conclusions I came to was that the camera flash doesn’t work.  I’ve taken pictures in the dark, used several LED flashlight apps, and turned the LED on full in the video recorder.  In every case, the flash remained off in all cases.  So, I got a defective phone out of the box.

The solution:  My first solution with cell phones and just about anything else I have that needs troubleshooting is always the same.  Hit the Internet.  I did a bit of searching, and turns out that there has been a handful of folks out there who received an iPhone 4 either with a defective flash right out of the box, or it worked once or twice and then crapped out.  The first solution was to Go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and reset the basics (no data deletion) like brightness and such.  That didn’t work, so I tried solution #2 which was to restore the phone, but not from back, simply restore it back to factory.  I did that, same deal.  So I had to opt for solution #3, warranty exchange.

I called the Apple Store in Crocker Park and made the appointment for later in the day, then arrived about 10 minutes early and waited about 2 minutes when a rep appeared from behind the Genius Bar calling out names.  My name was called and we proceeded to troubleshoot the phone.  I explained the steps I’d taken, and we were going to restore it again, but the rep decided that restoring it again wouldn’t likely work and simply moved to do the exchange.  I did the obligatory data wipe (even though there was no data on the phone due to my restore) while the rep retrieved a brand new phone which we activated with my sim card, then we checked out the flash to make sure it was working, which it was, and a couple of signatures and initials later, I was on my way out of the store with the exchanged phone.

If I put any fan boy twist on things, the one thing I can say is that I wasn’t really worried about getting the exchange, I got it the same day that I scheduled the troubleshooting with no wait.  When you buy a phone these days, especially the high end smart phones, since you’re riding the leading edge technology on top of a new, unproven product, then there can be, and are times when a phone will have higher than normal defects, and the iPhones, as great as they are, are no exception.  What is exceptional though was the quickness of action on the part of Apple to resolve the issue.  No manufacturer of modern, high end smartphones is immune from this either.  I’ve dealt first hand with Blackberries, Motorola Android based phones, and Windows based phones that have had both software and hardware issues.  Some models more than others, but overall, I can without a doubt attest to that.

So, me and my 100% working iPhone 4, which… oh, btw, has yet to drop a call… await the arrival of my free bumper courtesy of all the haters that made such a stink that Apple had to capitulate and give away free bumpers.

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