September 10th Release Date For Next iPhone

Well, the chatter around the web seems to put the announcement for the next iPhone on the 10th of September.  If AllThingsD is saying it, you can pretty much bank on it being true. The new phone will likely be an incremental update, and given that, will likely be named the iPhone 5S.  Also big in the rumor mill is the possibility that Apple will finally release a cheaper version of the iPhone, the so called, iPhone 5C, however, I doubt that they will call it that because Apple despises “cheap” products, hence, would never release a product that had (or implied) cheap.  The general consensus is that the new iPhone will feature a 12 megapixel camera, a fingerprint sensor, dual flash, and… get this… the possibility that it will be available in black, white and gold!


Leaked image of the next gen iPhone along with the budget priced “5C” with a plastic case (on top)

Also, Samsung is set to release a new phone September 4th, the Galaxy Note III, along with a smart watch.  Leave it to the Masters of False Hype to skate in less than a week before Apple with the release of a new phone, and, since Apple is rumored to be coming out with a watch, of course Samsung must do the same because they have no genuine ideas of their own, they have to cobble some lesser product together to toss out ahead of Apple so they can hype up the fact that they had one out “first”.  No worries though, for whatever logic Samsung is using to try and beat Apple to the punch, it simply won’t work.  Again, Samsung is “out to beat Apple”, and not “out to release a great product their customers (and potential customers) would love.  That’s’ Samsung’s downfall, and the reason they can’t beat Apple.  They’re constantly trying to beat Apple, and that’s what drives the phones they release.  If they ignored Apple, and what their doing, and when they’re releasing new phones, and concentrated on making “insanely great” products like Apple does, then they’d have a chance at beating Apple

Now, I know all you Fandroids out there are yellin’ that Samsung has already beat Apple because they move more Android handsets than Apple have to take into consideration that, aside from their Flagship phones, you can’t compare the el cheapo products as competition to the iPhone.  So, if you compare just the high end Galaxy S phones (this year the III and IV), then Apple wins hands down.  Apple has sold 116 million phones this year, and there’s a new phone and 2 1/2 quarters left in the year (including the Christmas buying season).  What Samsung phone has reached 100 million in sales?  Apple has sold 100 million 4s’.

So, at the end of the day, Samsung’s false hype has failed.  Samsung likes to call their phone “The next big thing”.  That tells me a couple of things… one, that Samsung clearly sees Apple as “the current big thing”, and secondly, they view their phones as having the possibility of being the big thing, but aren’t there yet.  I think overall, most consumers see through Samsung’s false hype.