Why join the crowd?

Ok, so everyone’s heard the big news about the “Great iPhone Leak” and seen the photos of the new phone.  So now, all the major tech blogs out there are not turning up their noses at Gizmodo for paying money (reportedly $5000) to the Mystery Man who was lucky enough to get his hands on the new iPhone.   They’re scoffing at Gizmodo complaining that it was a sleazy move to pay money to get the device, and spill the beans 2 months in front of the release of the product.  At the same time, Engadget  released photos of the same device 2 days earlier (which is probably what prompted Gizmodo to go ahead and release photos and a video and actually claim it as an Apple device).  Gizmodo hacked apart the phone to get a peek inside and quickly determined that it’s truly an official Apple product by examining the internal hardware.  It’s funny how all these sites out there are slinging mud at Gizmodo for being so sleazy (which is true), but at the same time, post the images and point out the obvious features.  (Neither of which you’ll find in this post).

Not to say I’m not excited about the “big news”.  For about a month now, I’ve been combing the net DAILY looking for news and information regarding the as-yet-to-even-be-announced release of the next generation iPhone.   However, despite no official news from Apple (other than the fact that they did come out and officially announce that there’s been no announcement regarding a new iPhone), it’s looking pretty good for a new device to be released, most likely on June 22nd.  Apple has released a new iPhone every year since 2007 around the same time, and they do have the same convention center reserved for the 22nd, which, btw, is a Tuesday, (Apple always releases iPhones on a Tuesday for whatever reason).   So, the big secret isn’t actually really that big of a secret since it’s pretty easy to go by past actions by the Cupertino based company.

Personally, I don’t much really care that the beans have been spilled.   I’m ready to buy the latest iPhone release already, and despite not even a peep from Apple about a new iPhone, I’m still ready to buy it.   Why?  Well, am I one of those iPhone freaks that love the iPhone to death and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread that walks, talks, eats, and breathes iPhone?…. um… well, yeah, but at the same time, look at why I’m that way.  Apple has done so much to drive the smartphone market in EVERY area.  Price, ease of use, functionality, user interface, not to mention the whole overall cool factor.   Apple caught the smartphone market by surprise, and the rest of the market has done nothing the last three years except try to play catch up with them.  Finally, this year, some of the phones coming out now are starting to compete with the iPhone, and even at that, despite the fact that the latest batch of smartphones from the competition is beginning to catch up with Apple, at the end of the day, the iPhone is still the better phone.  IMHO, Apple’s interface still outpaces the competition by leaps and bounds, and even though the new competitors are putting out high quality phones that are able to compete with Apple on the hardware side, Apple still beats the rest out with the most simplistic and easy to use interface ever created.  They rewrote the book on interface design, and the rest, while mimicking Apple, still haven’t quite figured it out yet.   On top of that, Apple leads the pack with an App store that outpaces all the rest combined.  Even with multiple companies manufacturing multiple phones running Google’s Android OS being marketed by multiple service providers, the Android App Store is still a far distant second to Apple.  So, for me, I don’t care if the beans were spilled early or not, I’m already sold on whatever amazing device Steve Jobs and crew have put together for us this year.

In the end though, it may prove to be detrimental to Apple to have the new phone’s details released before Apple was ready since the competition now gets a 2 month head start on trying to outpace Apple for next year.  That said, I’m glad I’m not Gizmodo.